Jodie, doing pole fitness at home.

Image: Jodie, doing pole fitness at home.

I’m Jodie, mum of one little boy. I started pole fitness at the beginning of 2019. I started as I was unhappy with my fitness level and body image after having my little boy. I also felt I had lost my identity a little bit and wanted to do something for me!

It has been hard to fit in a lot of classes as my husband works very long hours and weekends, so I am often at home trying to entertain my son. In 2020 with the pandemic, I really didn’t want to lose the strength I had gained so I bought a pole for at home.

This is when I started pole fitness at home and my little boy became interested and so is always trying to copy or has me lifting him to the top of the pole. He loves to watch my upside-down tricks and when I go to classes, he tells me I have to take pictures so he can see. I’ve now started trying to teach him a few bits and he loves it. It’s a great way to keep fit and I can do it whenever I get a spare 5-10 minutes around my everyday routine.

This film was made for Bristol Girls Can by Jodie, with support from Knowle West Media Centre.

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