Alice doing a home workout in her kitchen with her baby daughter in a sling.

Image: Alice, doing a baby-wearing workout in her kitchen In Bedminster

I’m Alice mum of a little girl aged one year. I enjoyed exercising before I had my baby and wanted to carry on but didn’t know how to fit it in what with breastfeeding and naps, not to mention the closures in lockdown.

I loved walking with my baby in a sling, so I started an online baby wearing exercise class. I felt I was still part of something real and I learnt to engage my core and pelvic floor muscles. My baby loved the music, and it was great for lulling her to sleep. I got to release tension, tone up and just dance to amazing music. It’s so flexible, I could pause it, if I needed to make lunch and I even bought a nursing sports bra to feed during some of the tracks!

I couldn’t have managed childcare or getting organised to travel to a venue with a new baby, so for me this was perfect.

This film was made for Bristol Girls Can by Alice, with support from Knowle West Media Centre.

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