Paige and Emily heading out for buggy walk with their babies in Hartcliffe.

Image: Paige and her friend Emily, heading out for a walk in Hartcliffe.

I have 14-month-old daughter who was born in lockdown so getting out of the house for fresh air was so important during that time. I enjoy walking in my local park and sometimes meet with my friend Emily and her daughter who I met at a baby group.

It’s hard sometimes to fit in exercise whilst caring for a baby but a walk is an easy way of doing this, not only is it exercise for me, but it also helped get Cora to sleep! If I was feeling down getting out in some green space watching the birds and wildlife really made a difference.

My daughter is now walking so I do even more exercise running around with her outside! I started with just one walk, but now I try to do 2 a day if I can. I would say just take it slow, there’s no need to go on really long walks, if all you can do one day is a quick walk it still counts and has a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

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