Jenny and her daughter out walking in green space in Knowle West.

Image: Jenny, on an adventure with her daughter in Knowle West.

I’m Jenny mum of one. When I was 24 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told I couldn’t have children, so I set my mind to other things. Working nights, going to the gym and swimming a mile every morning after finishing work.

In 2016 I fell pregnant with my little miracle baby, since then regular exercise isn’t easy, trying to start a gym routine only to have to change it when life gets in the way. I still try to swim when my daughter is at school and I attempt a weekly aqua Zumba class if my partner gets home from work in time.

Keeping as fit as possible helps with my endometriosis pains, but it’s difficult around work and childcare. I still love exercise as much as I ever did, but it’s finding ways of cooperating it into motherhood like cooking dinner with the music on, dancing around the kitchen or putting a kids yoga program on YouTube and getting my little one to join in. We also go on long dog walks on the weekends up through the fields of Dundry and on little adventures around local woodlands. It’s not as much fitness as before I had her, but it’s just as fun having my little sidekick joining in too.

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