Zoe walking with her baby in Victoria Park.

Image: Zoe, walking with her baby in Victoria Park.

I’m Zoe and I have 2 kids, one aged 3 and one new-born.

I’ve always loved to walk, I started as a child walking to school and I’m still walking today.

When I used to feel low or needed to clear my head, I would walk around the harbourside at night, I loved looking at the architecture and the lights. Before kids, I was always busy during the daytime, working and at college, so night- time was my only free time. I found it peaceful and quiet and full of wonder. It’s always been like my therapy. I feel creative and inspired when I’m walking.

Now I have two children I can’t do the night-time walks anymore and having the kids with me makes it more difficult to switch off, but in the right places it’s still possible. Wide open green spaces like my local park make it a lot easier and sometimes we make up imaginary stories and play together on the walk.

I love walking with my baby as I can stop and feed wherever we are and it’s a good way to bond with him.

My tip to anyone wanting to get started would be grab your bag, put your shoes on and walk out the door. Don’t have a destination in mind and let your feet take you on the journey.

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