Paige and Emily heading out for buggy walk with their babies in Hartcliffe.

Image: Emily and her friend Paige, heading out for a walk in Hartcliffe.

I‘m a first-time mum to a little girl. Having lots of early wake up calls in the morning, exercise is usually the last thing on my mind! However, I always aim to take my daughter out once a day for a long walk, whether that is with the dog or meeting up with a friend at the local park. As I’m sure a lot of mums who had a baby during the pandemic can agree, being able to go outside to exercise is a great way to boost your mood as we spent a longtime being in lockdown, which I personally found very isolating.

I regularly find workouts on You Tube to do, fitting them in as and when I can, my daughter finds it hilarious watching mummy doing her moves! There are days when it is impossible to try and fit in a workout, but I will put on some music on the TV and have a little dance around the house with her…it keeps her entertained and me on the move.

Before having my daughter, I regularly went to the gym, but I have learned that there are plenty of ways to keep active with your baby without stepping foot in a gym!

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