My name is Alice, and I am mum to 2-year-old Deena. Before becoming a mum, exercise was a big part of my life – I’m a physiotherapist so I spend my working hours encouraging people to do it. During my pregnancy I was in the gym, out on my bike and attending exercise or dance classes. I was lucky to have a good birth experience with Deena but I felt so much pressure to get back to exercise and guilt at not being back to it after 6 weeks.

I was so exhausted with Deena waking in the night, really I should have lowered my expectations! Now at nearly 2 years after having Deena I stay fit by cycling into work, dropping her off at her nursery by bike on the way. I also do some quick YouTube video workouts in the evenings and use some of the kettlebells while at work.

It can be a real struggle to find time without my daughter climbing on me to keep fit so sometimes I don’t meet my target. I make sure I’m not too harsh on myself on those less active weeks. Recently I’ve decided to train for a triathlon – it’s nothing lie I’ve done before and don’t naturally sway towards endurance activities, but I am keen to challenge myself further. I know I’ll be slow but I’m looking forward to the sense of achievement.

Photograph of Alice C