I started pole back in 2018 as I wasn’t happy with my body and my mental state wasn’t in the best place either. So, I decided to try some beginner’s Pole Fitness classes.

I became addicted to Pole very quickly so decided to get a pole set up in my kitchen. I used to swing a round on this daily and then started getting up at 5am doing workouts and strengthening drills. My kids have always seen the pole in my kitchen and absolutely love swinging around on it. I decided I wanted to change our lives and have my own pole business one day.

Four years on and I’m now a fully qualified pole fitness teacher who has recently got a teaching slot at Spin City in Hotwells Bristol. They help people like me to get to teach other students who would like to try pole and get fit.

I have since then decided to start up my own pole fitness business with another mum called Axis Pole Fitness. We work amazingly as a team. We’re hoping to be able to start teaching in Hartcliffe soon so that other mums and dads and hopefully kids one day can learn and get fit from pole too. We’ve gone from strength to strength. We want to try and change the whole persona about pole and to show how much fun it is whilst also getting you fit at the same time.

Natasha using her pole at home