I was a sporty teenager, playing football, hockey, tennis, you name it!  I exercised for fun and health.  After I had my son priorities shifted away from me and every ounce of energy was on him.  It wasn’t until I went back to work, I felt I needed to do something for me, something fun but also incorporate some exercise too.

My husband had been doing Ludo Sport, a combination of fencing/kendo/martial arts, for a few years which had everything I loved! We started training separately with a hand over in the middle. Wonderful – not only talking to other grownups but two hours to focus on something meaningful. Although leaky boobs and baby brain sometimes made things a bit tricky!

Roll on to covid and I was back to no exercise. My husband went swimming and the gym when they opened back up but there was never free time or energy to exercise myself.

Having bad knees, I can’t just do a couch to 5k and needed to find the right sport for me. A friend invited me to join yoga and I think having a friend to motivate you to make time for exercise is so important as us mums rarely make time to do anything for ourselves.

Photograph of Amy