Project Description


Since having children, I have found it difficult to fit my normal sports in so have had to think outside the box!

I had considered joining a gym and putting my baby in a crèche, but I wanted something I could do whilst also spending time with him (and my other children) and that also gave me buzz of adrenaline.

It has helped me feel that there is something in my week I do for myself whilst simultaneously being a mother. I have met some other lovely mums whilst climbing and we have found common ground on not just children but sports as well. It has also helped me maintain my identity of who I am and not ‘just a mum’. There is a feeling of accomplishment in climbing when you not only have to physically but also mentally figure a route out.

There are so many different sports and activities out there. I really think there is something for everyone and it doesn’t have to feel like a chore, finding a good group of people to exercise with can also really help and motivate. Be prepared to try something new and put yourself out there. Bristol is full of lovely mums wanting to do similar.

Image: Rachel, bringing her baby along with her while she hits the climbing wall at The Mothership Climbing Academy.