Project Description


I am beyond tired at the moment, just like all new parents, so it would be easy to just stay at home, but I feel so much better getting out, being active and moving my body.

That’s why the sling sway dance class is perfect. I am on maternity leave and am breast feeding so at the moment I generally have my son with me wherever I go. Luckily he likes going in the sling making this class possible!

Being active definitely improves my mental health too. It brings a sense of achievement and makes me feel more positive, it also gives me a much needed boost of energy, and I sleep better ( if my son lets me!)

I think it’s really important not to compare yourself to other people. I prefer to just focus on my personal journey and measure my achievements to my own bench marks. Everyone is on their own path!

Image: Krissy, at Sway Boogie with Baby, at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre.