Katharine and Laura

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Project Description

Katharine and Laura (mum and daughter)

Katharine, 45, always dreamt of being able to run, however, life, work and her battle with depression got in the way. With a busy job as a nurse, and 2 children, exercise of any kind seemed impossible. Three years ago she began her first proper exercise regime since school days using NHS choices Couch to 5K programme. After a few little set-backs as a result of 27 years of no proper exercise, Katharine finally reached her goal of being able to run 5K. Daughter Laura, 17, often joins her on a run, giving them a chance for some precious mother and daughter catch-up time. Katharine says “My message to anyone is to put on your trainers and get out there, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Take it from one middle-aged working mum – anyone can do it #find your headspace!”

Laura, 17, was quite sporty as a young girl but got out of the habit of exercising while studying for her GCSE’s. Her mum persuaded her to start running with her and it’s now become a special time for the two of them when they get to catch up on each other’s busy lives and de-stress at the same time. Laura and her mum ran 5K in the Race For Life this year and are now training for a 10 K. For Laura, taking part in running courses has really helped to motivate her. “When you’re doing it by yourself you think this is never going to happen for me, but when you see everyone else struggling and you’re all doing it together it definitely helps.”