Project Description


I would watch my daughter who was a goalie play hockey each week and I got really interested. I started to go training and learned to play hockey at the age of 40! It gave me a real sense of belonging and Wick was very welcoming. I really enjoyed it. At 40 I was not as confident as the younger ones but over time that changed and I became more confident. I became a lot healthier and it enabled me to ride my bike to work more often. At work they now place me with the fast young students as I am able to keep up-my employers are grateful for that.

If I am stressed I can now go for a run or a bike ride to clear my head. My family have noticed the difference in me. I could never run even at school. Now I am able to run and it feels really good. Being more active has also enabled me to volunteer on the Forest School scheme, which is an outdoor classroom approach doing climbing, walking and collecting.

Having played for the hockey team I am now training to be a goalie. It will give me a different experience and I will need to learn new skills. I have also just joined the local rounder’s team.

I am always getting my family out and about and it has made them healthier too. Friends have also joined the club as a result of me joining.

My advice to anyone wanting to get started is you’re never too old to start being active and once you do you will never look back. Give it a try it is a social event as well as keeping active. You don’t need to push yourself too far only what you are capable of doing.