Project Description


Walking is the perfect way to keep active for our family. I am a carer for my daughter and I need to make sure activities are appropriate for her, plus I can only leave her with people trained to understand her needs, so opportunities for exercising are limited.

Despite this, I want to get across that everyone deserves to be active and I hope that I can show how easy and accessible it can be.

Being active makes me relax and is a way for me to forget my stresses. It’s been hard to build up my energy levels and strength up again, but you just have to keep going and build up. The more you do the more you want to continue being active.

When I’m walking It makes me feel free. My friends and family notice a difference in me. I have more energy;  it has improved my general mood and I am happier and more content.

Image: Jenni (left) on a stroll with her mum and daughter in Victoria Park.