Project Description


There were several reasons that led me to the decision of starting to run, one of which was having cervical cancer in 2010 and the following 5 years were filled with operations and check-ups.

Since starting, my skin has never looked so amazing, my body shape has totally changed and I’ve lost 17lbs. I have given up smoking because I was finding it was ruining my running speed.

I’ve also started signing up for races. I’ve done a few 5Ks and I’ve signed up for my first 10K which is 4 weeks from now.

Some days, when I’m putting my trainers on, after a long day at work or at 5.45am before I go to work, I think “what the hell am I doing?!” but once I get passed that and get outside the front door and start running I feel amazing. It makes me happy and like I want to do it all over again when a run is over…the feeling of achievement and satisfaction is like nothing I’ve ever known.

Since I’ve started running, 3 other people from work have started and my best friend has been inspired so she’s started too. We cheer each other on and have joined strava!

I would recommend running to women in Bristol because it’s free, it doesn’t take long to start noticing improvements to your health and capabilities, it gives you confidence and there are lots of free apps to keep you motivated!