Project Description


Walking became a real fitness focus for me about two years ago. I have Bipolar, and was going through a long period of severe anxiety and had reached four months of not being able to leave the house. I’ve been active in the past but due to my mental health I just stopped all activity, put a lot of weight on and got into some really unhealthy habits. Walking was a great re-introduction to being active again, and gave me the confidence to start trying other activities.

My support workers put together a plan which involved short walks and these became longer walks, I joined the BALP walking group as well.

I treat it as exercise so always get my workout gear on and walk at a fast pace. I stick at it as it makes me feel great. My mental health is so much better now that I’m taking time out to just walk and think.

I definitely recommend walking to anybody. The best thing about it is you don’t have to be of a certain fitness level. You can do it with friends or alone and you don’t need any special equipment or clothing

Some think being active means having to do a high impact sport but that isn’t the case. You can start with something like walking and see how you get on.