Project Description


My friend Clare persuaded me to do Fusion Fitness – a combination of 45 mins HIIT immediately followed by 45mins Pilates – and I haven’t looked back. As well as the Monday night sessions Clare and I meet up each Thursday to do our homework. I think it’s fair to say we love the opportunity to see each other twice a week and catch up on everything.

The exercise, fresh air and baby fun almost seems like a sideline, the icing on the cake! I owe her for helping me identify that looking after me, also means looking after my children.

I feel stronger when I do physical activities and it’s also changed the way I move. When I empty the dishwasher I now bend at the knees rather than my back, which also helps save my back for picking up my non-walking, chunky 2 year old!

Exercise has improved my mental health and wellbeing. It reminds me that I am a valid person and it’s ok to look after myself as ultimately the family all benefit from a happy mum!

Image: Amy (left) and her friend Clare, exercising on Horfield Common.