Samantha and her daughters out for a ride on the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path.

Image: Samantha and her daughters, out for a ride on the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path.

I am a mum of five, four of them are adults but still sometimes need me, so when I decide to make an effort to exercise, all it takes is one phone call and that thought goes out of the window

My youngest child is nine.  When we exercise together, we put old skool tunes on You Tube and dance in the living room, learn African dance moves, take an evening walk around our area or go out cycling.

There are also moments where I would like to exercise on my own. For me to do this, I have to sneak out of the house for a cycle ride in the morning. I leave a note to say where I am (older siblings at home) but I do still get that phone call! If I want to exercise at home in some sort of peace, I sit her down and explain why “Mummy has to do this on her own!”.

My top tip is self-talking. “I deserve to be fit and healthy”. It’s important not just for myself but for my family.  I am starting to try and put myself first. And when I do it, it feels great. It’s a huge accomplishment, putting aside the housework and all what comes with looking after a family and I don’t feel guilty anymore. It’s so easy for me to drop everything to take my daughter to her weekly activities I should do the same for myself too. Drop everything!!

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