Maroua and her young sons taking the stairs in Redcliffe.

Image: Maroua and her boys, taking the stairs in Redcliffe.

My name is Maroua, I am a mum of two boys aged 6 years old and 34 months. They are both very active, but they never seem to get enough!

One day I had an idea that we could climb the stairs to the 8th floor where our flat is based because that is really the only daily activity that I could do as a mum of two kids and during the pandemic when it was Lockdown there was nothing else to do with them. Luckily my boys really loved the idea and even today if I forget or we’re running late, they get upset when we take the lift.

Staying active makes me feel really happy and busy.  I don’t notice the time when I’m active and it is something fun to do instead of staying in with the boys or cooking and cleaning which can be boring. It has also helped me to lose my baby weight.

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