Kanwal and her children walking to school in Eastville.

Image: Kanwal and her children, walking to school in Eastville.

Being a busy mum of three whilst working as a dinner lady and managing home duties, it’s difficult to find time to fit in exercise. It feels like an extra chore if it’s even possible between all the other chores and chauffeuring everyone around!

So wherever and whenever possible I make sure we walk. Walking to and from school three times a day I manage at least 16,000 steps. Having the app to count the steps is a great motivator. No matter what the weather, we get on our gear and make it as fun as possible. Believe me we have our days when the littlest being 5 doesn’t want to walk, so we have to get creative. Walking through the skate park using it as an obstacle course or making sure we don’t step on the lines as we go – whatever it takes!

We sometimes take bikes and scooters, but with most places we go being local walking is the best way to avoid traffic queues, have a good natter and say hello to a friendly face along the way.

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