Debbie and her daughter hula-hooping together at home.

Image: Debbie and her daughter, hooping together at home.

I’m Debbie, a stay-at-home mum to a 3-year-old little girl. Prior to giving birth I had every intention of keeping up my active life. But your priorities, energy levels and capacity to do anything for yourself change when you have kids! I have managed to get a little bit of fun exercise into my life through hula hooping.

When she was a baby, I carried my daughter in the sling and hooped or danced sedately. Now if I get a spare 5 minutes to myself, I whip out my hula hoop, pop on my favourite music and hoop away. I can hula hoop and parent – in the house, in the garden, when she’s sleeping, when I’m waiting for the dinner to cook, or watching Paw Patrol. It really is cheap, easy, fun exercise and portable too. The best part is, now my daughter is older we are starting to enjoy hooping together, and I love that!

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